Phylogeny-based Placement

  • Multi-locus placement of unknown taxa sequences with user-customizable metadata on eleven included reference trees
  • Multi-locus placement on user-uploaded reference tree, multi-locus sequence alignments and metadata
  • Standardization of phylogenetic placement and metadata output using Metadata Enhanced PhyloXML (MEP)
  • Perform cumulative placement of unknown taxa sequences on reference tree
  • Multiple phylogeny-based placement options: EPA and EPA-NG, backbone constraint tree, and de novo phylogenetic reconstruction using RAxML and IQ-TREE

BLAST Assignment

  • Pre-filtering and/or classification of unknown nrITS or 16S rDNA barcode sequences using the UNITE fungal nrITS database or SILVA bacterial database
  • Option to select specific clades and perform phylogenetic inference across single or multiple alignments with RAxML or network inference using TCS and NetworkX

Tree Editing and Visualization

  • Color editor for synchronizing color-coded attributes across subtrees and networks
  • Display metadata as colorized outer rings in phylogenies

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